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Welcome to the Miss Daisy's Diaries website. On these pages you can keep up with everything in my - Miss Daisy that is - life and struggle to cope with living with Her Ladyship and Sir Herbert Blooming Orston, or the Grey One as I prefer to call him.

The Website was produced to tie in with the launch of my book "Miss Daisy's Diaries" in July 2012. According to Her Ladyship, we have now sold nearly 2,000 copies and it can still be bought through the usual bookshops, Amazon and other sources on line.

But my new book, "Miss Daisy Conquers Britain", the sequel to the diaries will be going on sale on 28th November 2013.

"Miss Daisy's Diaries" Published by Matador Books
"Miss Daisy Conquers Britain" also Published By Matador Books - 28th November 2014

Special Offer only from This Website - Author Signed copies available for £7.50
£2.50 P&P within UK or plus £5.10 Within EU. Other countries, please ask.
Email Her Ladyship for more information

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