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8. It's a Long Time Since

It has indeed been a long time since I updated my Blogs, nearly a year in fact. But here goes...

I know very little about the book trade, but I am told that to sell over a thousand copies of Miss Daisy's Diaries is very good going. So at the start of this year - 2013 - I turned my attention to a sequel, a sequel that needed to be very different. The diaries cover a time span of 70 years, while A Tale of Two Ends tells a story over a mere 10 days.

A Tale of Two Ends related again by Miss Daisyt tells the story of our attempt to complete the John O'Groats to Land's End run. But this time save for the fact that we did do that run, this is a work of complete fiction as you will see from the My Diaries section... or is it? I am working on the book now and all being well it will be published in July 2014. Watch this space.


Ten Weeks In

I wouldn't be lying to you if I said I was exhausted. I've been going flat out with signings, attendances and car shows. One of my favourites is the Camrose Vintage Working Day, usually on the Saturday of the August Bank Holiday. We actually went not to sell books but just to enjoy the day. The weather had been awful and the field was pretty well chewed up, but we got there and it ended being a really enjoyable day out. We've done signings in Tenby, The Mumbles and The Penfro Book Fair. And now we are bracing ourselves for our biggest one yet, Waterstones in Cardiff on 13th October and that is going to be preceded by a big piece in the Weekend Magazine, published by The Western Mail on 6th October.

Perhaps the most exciting for me is the invitation to take part in the Classic Car Show at the NEC between 16th & 18th November. Hopefully we will be able to sell lots of books there. Even more recently, I've been invited to talk to the Annual Conference of the Wales WI in Llandudno next April. I'm looking forwards to that as I have found at the signings that women buy copies of the book more than any other grouping.

But as Autumn rolls on I shall also be turning my attention to the sequel, still untitled, but simply being called for now, Miss Daisy Conquers Britain. It will be based on the John O'Groats to Land's End run completed last Easter. More on that soon.


What a Month!

I can hardly believe that it is six weeks ago that I wrote my last blog. What a six weeks it has been. As soon as the book was officially published, Miss Daisy and I were on our way to Cardiff so that I could appear on the Roy Noble Show on Radio Wales. It was a terrible day and definitely not the sort of day to be driving a 78 year old car on the motorway. It absolutely tipped down and I could barely see a few feet in front of the car. I was so pleased to make it to Cardiff in one piece.

Unfortunately at the interview I did allow my mouth to overtake my brain and found myself discussing Haemorrhoids. Not what I intended. If you RIGHT CLICK HERE and open in a new tab, you can hear the highlights of the interview.

No sooner had I done the interview, The Old Girl and I had a launch party here in the village and did many, many signings. Since then, we've been to signing events every weekend and recently I was told that we had nearly run out of books and needed another print run. So they are now on their way.Warwick 90th anniversary

Perhaps the highlight of the month was the visit to Warwick School on 21st & 22nd July for the 90th anniversary celebration of the first Austin Seven. No less than 537 of Miss Daisy's relatives turned up. It was an incredible weekend. The weather was fantastic and the ambience was amazing as well. I've put up a picture which was sent to me. It shows just how many little Austin Sevens were there.

Meanwhile the signings and events continue. To see where we are going to be in August and September, go to the News Page.

Meanwhile, I shall make a start on the sequel, which perhaps I shoud title Fifty Shades of Miss Daisy. That'll sell well.


Only Two Weeks to Go

Yes that's all, just two weeks. And it seems as though it's been a long time coming. I'm quite excited as I've never been a published author before. Matador, my publishers have been brilliant, guiding me down this perilous path. I rather do as I am advised.

I have to say too that The Old Girl, AKA Miss Daisy has been brilliant as well. She's had to put up with so much over the last few months. To start she's being asked to cope with a level of driving that we expect of a modern car. Last Sunday for instance I drove her the 88 miles to Bryngarw, Bridgend and the 88 miles back again. She was fantastic, plodding steadily along. I am really proud of that little car. After all, she is 78 years old.

I do hope you will feel inclined to go out and buy a copy of Miss Daisy's Diaries or possibly click on the Matador link to order your own copy. The stories are all based on real and sometimes very funny things that have happened to the old girl and myself. Who knows, you may feel having read her diaries, that you'll want to go out and buy your own Miss Daisy.


The Excitement Rises

As I write this, I have just signed off the proofs of Miss Daisy’s Diaries and they have gone to the printers.  Hopefully I will be getting my first copies of the printed book in the next few weeks.  I have also finally pulled down my self published Kindle version of the book so that Matador can upload their illustrated version in the next few days.  They are also uploading all the other versions of the E book for me.

So my thoughts have now turned to the marketing of Miss Daisy’s Diaries. If you go to the News page of this site, you will find a list of the events Miss Daisy and I will be attending including book signings, radio and television appearances, and car events we shall be going to.

But I have to confess that the JOGLE, which we completed on 13th April has taken its toll on the Old Girl.  The vibration was quite bad and we nearly shook off various bits and pieces.  The worst result of all is that the engine vibration was nearly self destructive, when it caused the engine block and crankcase to start parting company, making the vibration even worse.  Anyway she is being attended to and all being well, she will be back on the road within the next 10 days.

Watch this space.


At Last, SortedMatador

We've finally got there. We've found a publisher for Miss Daisy's Diaries. Matador books are going to take over the book production and marketing with a print version as well as all the different E versions. Ed Tanguay who created the sketches for the book cover and at the top of this website has now completed a series of sketches to appear throughout the book and they look great.

The official launch of Miss Daisy's Diaries will now be on 1st July this year, although print copies will be available before then. People will be available to purchase in advance from Matador's website. The cost of the print version will be £8.99 and the new E versions will be £5.99. As a result, the Kindle version which has been available for the last four months on Amazon's website will shortly cease to be available.

It's been a long haul for me as a new author and a very steep learning curve. I am hoping that Miss Daisy will prove to be popular and entertaining. My 13 year old grandson read the book and described it as "Thomas The Tank Engine for Grown ups." I'm not sure that the Rev Awdry would have agreed with him, because he also observed that "It's a bit rude in places, Gran."

I know that there will be a lot required of me as Miss Daisy's Diaries is launched, not to forget Miss Daisy herself. I hope to do book signings at many of the independent bookshops in Wales. So if you like what you read and would like me and perhaps Miss Daisy to sign your copy, keep an eye on this site.

I am very grateful to those of you who have bought the Kindle and especially the kind reviews already placed on Amazon's site, it has been very encouraging. Three of the reviews suggest that they would like to hear more from Miss Daisy and I am hoping to oblige with a new book of diaries. I haven't homed in on a title for the second book yet. Any ideas? If you have then please email me at her-ladyship@missdaisydiaries.co.uk


Finding a publisher

Gosh, isn’t that difficult?  I’ve tried, I’ve tried for months, but it’s always the same response – “It’s charming and it’s funny…  BUT, these are difficult times and promoting a new writer is simply impossible.  So thanks but no thanks.”  That’s why I went it alone with the Kindle version on Amazon.  Hopefully in the New Year there will be a print edition available.  It made me think how difficult it must be for publishers with London West End office rents and high staff salaries, their overheads must be enormous.  It’s little wonder that they only want to publish already established writers and celebrity books.

But this cyber promotion of Miss Daisy’s Diaries has all been rather fun.  I’ve learnt a lot about Twitter and Facebook.  I am told they are key to getting the book promoted.  I am very grateful to Lorraine Allman of beindemand.com for all her help.Brigadier General Sir Herbert Orston DSO and Public Bar

So back to Miss Daisy, well she is having her heart surgery as she calls it and we hope she’ll be back on the road by March.  It doesn’t shut her up though, still as recalcitrant and opinionated as ever.  Me?  I shall content myself with dear old Sir Herbert Orston plodding the lanes of Pembrokeshire for the next few months.


Why I'm fond of Miss Daisy:

Well Miss Daisy has been kind enough to allow me to a bit of space on her website to write something myself. How 1926 Bentleykind of her. I've long had a love of old motor cars, ever since my first ride in a 1926 4.5 litre supercharged Bentley in 1957. I was just 11 years old then. The feeling of exhilaration as the speedometer passed 75mph, the gurgling growl of the three inch exhaust and the wind blowing through my hair was unforgettable. Then when he switched on the supercharger and our speed passed 100mph, well I was in my seventh heaven. As a result I've had a passion for vintage motoring ever since.

Miss Daisy's look of disapprovalAs my retirement approached, I was determined to have a not too expensive vintage car which in my dotage, I could enjoy the lanes of Pembrokeshire . So when the opportunity arose for me to acquire a 1934 Austin Seven Tourer, I had to buy it.

It didn't take long for me to realise that Miss Daisy was no ordinary car. Her look of disapproval when I stood in front of her suggested that we might experience a clash of wills and indeed we have on many an occasion. But although she would never admit it publicly, she does rather enjoy living with me as much as I do with her.

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