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I thought it would be nice if I included a few pictures of some of my experiences over the years:

Miss Daisy in 1976

This is what I looked like when I was saved from being a chicken house in 1976. I wonder if those chickens miss me? I certainly don't them.

Appearing in A Couple Of CranksIn a Couple of Cranks

I was starring in a BBC film called "A Couple Of Cranks" in 1978. It was filmed all around Coventry & Warwick.

At Her Ladyship's in 2004

I arrived at Her Ladyship's house in 2004. I might have looked good, but I was exhausted.

Broken down trying to climb Snowdon

On a trip to north Wales in 2005, I broke down on this road up to the Sychnant Pass. I wonder why it is that an elderly car with an open bonnet always attracts men like a honeypot does bees?

Hundredth anniversary at Crofton Park

In 2005, I also took part in the 100th anniversary of the Austin Motor Company celebrations at Cofton Park in Longbridge. There were more than 2,000 Longbridge buits cars there and apparently over 800 Sevens.

The nice Miss Clem doing driving tests

This is The Nice Miss Clem waiting to do the driving tests at the Austin Seven rally in Bryngarw. She's a much more careful driver than Her Ladyship.

Outside the chateau





In 2007 and 2009 and 2013, I went to France. Here I am with my friends outside Le Chateau du Baffy

With The Lady

And here I am with my friend The Lady, a 1931 Model A Ford. We do lots of trips together.

In the Cantabrian Mountains

Then in 2010 Her Ladyship took me with friends to Spain. Here we are crossing the Cantabrian Mountains.

Mission Accomplished

The aim of our 2,000 mile journey was to get to Santiago de Compostela and as you will read in "Miss Daisy's Diaries", this journey, as with all the other trips that Her Ladyship insists taking me on, were not uneventful.

My new book, "Miss Daisy Conquers Britain" is based very loosely on the John O'Groats to Land's End run Her Ladyship and I undertook in 2012. Here are some of the pictures from that run:

Ready for the Off









All polished up and ready for the Off!


Snow? No one told me we would have to drive through snow. In April as well.


Scotland, at last. Now where is that Haggis?


John O'Groats

John O'Groats? She drove me all the way here to a closed down hotel, a cafe and a handful of houses?


Cornwall. Thank God it's warmer here.

Land's End

Have you noticed that Her Ladyship so subtly blocks the view of me? Who did all the work? Me! All she did was to plonk her bum on my seat and point me at Land's End.


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